In a wink of a all seeing eye or a cloud being formed by one of our chemtrails, the NWO will take over the entire planet. Many millions will be killed. Many tortured. Many sent to secret camps. If your lucky, you'll just starve  to death or die quickly from forced vaccines. But you have the choice now of being enlightened to future events and joining the New World Order or being just another number, just another guinea pig, to be purged from existence. We need more recruits who aren't afraid to "get their hands a little dirty" once in awhile in exchange for clemency and to bring a New World Order of perfection into place.
“But how can I join the Illuminati?” What the fuck is the NWO??? How do I become a initiate? You may ask.

​​The NWO soon will control EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY on earth. On the side  of the NWO are riches beyond imagination. Secret underground cities and fortresses, the best whores, the best drugs, the best wines, the best foods, the best of everything this fucked up planet offers. The NWO can make Tornado's, Hurricanes, Droughts, Ice storms in a matter of days with planes. The NWO can topple Governments with a stroke of a pen. The NWO  can "eliminate"  any opposition immediately if needed. We run the worlds Military- the fake wars, the false flags, the uprisings, the fake terrorist groups. The NWO puts Government leaders in power to use as "our" puppets. The NWO control media- you hear what we want you to hear. The NWO  are the master of puppets. These are just a few examples of NWO outreach. Full enlightenment and disclosure of who and what the NWO controls is  only available to our MEMBERS.
​Joining the Illuminati New World Order isn't like joining a bowling league or signing up for the PTA.....This is serious fucking business. Once your in, there's no way out except in a body bag or from a coke induced heart attack after you screwed 7 virgins in a row ( yea members do die naturally)

​ Unless you have been invited by a member to join the NWO which is very rare do to SECRET traditions, you  are invited to contact the NWO via this means.  
​The following guidelines will help you fill out your NWO membership petition  correctly, increasing your chances of being accepted into this incredibly secret society.

​​ The NWO will contact you after reviewing your life on NWO master computers if you have what the NWO is looking for. This is not a cheap or fast process. Everything and ANYTHING that you have ever done and has been seen by our all seeing eye will be brought to light. You can't expect your Enlightened brothers and sisters to spend hours deciding your destiny for "free" do you? A donation separates those who are looking for a "free ride" verses those who are willing to be illuminated "at all costs" and how far YOU are willing to go to join the NWO.
​ The more of a "donation" you supply, the more hands on the NWO will get on seeing how serious you really are. Bloodlines from original founders will certainly take precedence. But unnecessary. You will not receive a response if we have deemed you a threat to our mission in any way, shape, or form.

How to get things started:

Below is a example of how you would send a entreaty to the NWO. It need not be followed verbatim, but is to be used as a resource for what the NWO would be looking for, and would be a excellent reference for your NWO recruiter to start the process of fast approval.

​First- do not lie on your Illuminati request. You can lie to others, and we encourage it, but don't ever fucking lie to the NWO. The Illuminati will know everything about you already and what they don’t know, they will find out. However, remember that things may not be what they seem. The application process is a test. YOU must demonstrate both your cunning and your intelligence in your answers. Don't be fooled in thinking you must be really smart to join the NWO. Some of our members are dumb as a box of rocks but have become world leaders after full enlightenment. Offered below is a suggestive way of providing a application that you can use to provide your information. It doesn't have to follow this and it is only a example. Perhaps you will have your own challenge for the NWO to decipher.

​​+++ You are encouraged to have a opening statement, as it is an opportunity to make your application stand out. A suggestion might be: “My name is ______, and I'm pretty fucking sure I can keep a secret. I am willing to do whatever it takes for the New World Order. Give a honest answer.  What lengths would you go to? What "SACRIFICES." A lie here will immediately disbar you and possibly put you on the NWO blacklist.

​ +++Name: Don't give an honest answer here. That's a easy find for the NWO. The NWO requests a secretive name you would like to be called for now on. ​ Maybe you've done your homework and already go by a alias. Or better yet, you have one or several identities you go by. The NWO likes that kind of thing. Remember, you can dupe all the rats around you but don't ever fucking try duping the Illuminati.

​​​ +++ Preferred email address: We encourage creating a new email address exclusively for Illuminati affairs. This will show a high level of awareness when the Illuminati board hack your account after receiving your application.
+++Weaponry. How are you with guns? Rabbit hunting is cool and shit, but really, how are you with guns? How about making fireworks or explosive type shit? ​​ Knifes? Clubs?

+++Body structure: Can the NWO set you in front of 4 armed guards and you fuck them up before they knew what hit them? Or are you a "couch potato" 50 lbs. overweight and better suited at a "desk job"
​ +++ Telephone number: You will never be contacted "directly" by the illuminati. Perhaps you might get a call that you've won the lottery and where to pick up a check. You will be showing you know how to "play by the rules"  Perhaps a "secondary" cell phone might be a good idea in your secretive name.
​ +++ Complete mailing address, including country.  Giving away too much private information, especially your actual home address, is sloppy and would make us think your not too keen. Maybe consider creating an alternative mailing address using an anonymous storage or PO box. The Illuminati will be impressed with your secrecy.
​ +++ Other contact information you would feel important that we should know for communications.  Perhaps you have  sanctioned a private "drop spot" or have a meeting place  just for your "hunting buddies" etc.​
+++Include any personal triumphs  you may have had in spreading NWO beliefs. The Illuminati will look very favorably on those that have done the best they could without Enlightenment.
​+++ Where are you a Citizen?  Be sure to follow it with an expansive statement regarding your global status. Since we are bringing in a New World Government soon, You will need to be all things to all people. And don't worry, the NWO has many ways of training those with "limited" IQ's. Lets say, for example , you are Mexican living illegally in the U'S. The NWO will take care of that shit. You just have to be wanting to be Enlightened. In order to help govern world affairs, you need to demonstrate a global mentality.  Dual citizenship is favorable. Multiple Citizenships and Aliases or having the ability to manufacture your "own" documents takes you straight to the front of the line.
​​+++ Spoken languages: List the languages you speak. Are you fluid in Esperanto? How's your Latin? Spanish? If you "ain't that good with that stuff" - Don't worry, the NWO can fix. The NWO can Fucking fix anything.
​​+++ Written languages: As above. If you know how to write coded or encrypted messages, include that. If you understand Illuminati symbolism, be sure to mention it. If your only able to fill in a coloring book with crayons , no sweat. ​Don't worry. The NWO can fix. The NWO can Fucking fix anything.

+++​ Educational history, including formal and "street smart"  advancements you have made. For example. Have you studied Martial Arts from a Ninja? Been in jail and "learned the ropes"? Have you ever almost beat someone to death? Or better yet, accomplished, and didn't get caught? Have you learned the art of pick-pocketing from an old street hustler? Know how to break into cars quickly? Identity Theft?. Maybe you have a masters degree in computer science?

​​+++ Present occupation: If you work in a fast food restaurant, explain why. Maybe you  like spitting in peoples food.  Perhaps you are trying to keep a low profile, knowing in your heart this opportunity would come some day. "Flying under the radar" so to speak. We'll done. If your a CEO of a big business, explain who you Fucked to get to the top and how. It is important to note that there is no judgment on whatever you do or how you got there.

​​+++ Money making skills:  List ways you know how to or have made money). Don't Fuck around here- This is serious. The NWO wants people with initiative, so don’t skip a thing. Do you know how to "count cards"? Ever run a smuggling trade? Did you once give head to an old man so you had money to eat ? Have you ever stolen from the weak or defenseless in order to survive? Bank robbery? Stole your neighbors lawnmower?  
​​+++Talents/Abilities: Again, be thorough. You should list every single talent that you have, however insignificant it may seem to you. The Illuminati has diverse needs.  Maybe your a woman that can deep throat 10" Maybe you play chess at world class levels?
​​+++ Interests: Don’t hold back, list them all – however perverse they may be. The Illuminati has many needs. If you can fuck for 5 hours, the NWO will set up your own porn site. Maybe you like the smell of dead carcasses? ​​ Perhaps you like dressing up in drag.

​​+++ Why do you want to be a member of the Illuminati Order? To make money? To fuck beautiful broads? To smash peoples heads into the ground legally?  To be a long term Politician? To be the next big rapper? Maybe you just want to be on the "RIGHT TEAM" This is the most important answer you may give.  Be very honest. If you have to stop and think more than a couple minutes about it, your probably not NWO material. This gives the NWO insight as to where you will best fit in. ​

​ ​​+++Photograph. Due to strides in facial recognition used on millions of  NWO cameras, your computer camera being on when you think it's off. cable boxes , satellite images, to name a few,  The NWO already know what you look like. Got a drivers license? Ever walked outside of your house?  We know if you shaved in the last few days. So unless you want to show off your 22" arms, 36DD's, bullet wounds, gang tattoo or whatever- not needed.

+++​​ This should get you on the right track. Remember, there is really no right or wrong way  to apply to the NWO. Most, if not all the information you  provide has already been  captured and stored in NWO data bases. What you have just read is suggestive. Your degree of insight, knowledge, and willingness to join the NWO is entirely up to you+++
When will the next red flag happen? How do I ESCAPE the chemicals being dropped from planes? GMO's put in my food? FLUORIDE and other contaminants being placed in drinking water? How do I keep my GUN'S when MARTIAL LAW is invoked? Should I be stockpiling FOOD? Who do I TRUST? Who will be LEADING the one world GOVERNMENT? The one world CHURCH? How did I get BLACKLISTED? How do I ESCAPE before the SHIT really hits the fan? Only the Enlightened shall know what's really going to happen.
Do you have what it takes to join The Illuminati?

Remember, You will be making a life changing decision that you seriously want to make in your life a positive ILLUMINATION of goodness. Sure that means you might have to " bend the rules" once in awhile. You might have to "take one for the team" here and there. You might even have to get your "hand's dirty" once in a great while, but Fame and Fortune, being Healthy, being ENLIGHTENED are not for the timid. There are those that become ENLIGHTENED that will adorn themselves with the most beautiful women in the world.  Others will choose guys. We certainly don't judge. Success truly has it's fruits. Some members like smoking the best weed- not that home grown shit. You see, it really only comes down to: What do you want- really want out of this life? To be a Millionaire?Perhaps you just want revenge. You'll have access to a drone that will eliminate problems quickly. You see, at your disposal is a network so wide, so advanced, so secretive, that merely asking is the same as it's done. For in your ILLUMINATION is the beginning of wisdom and creation. You shall become at one with the universe through secret rituals and ENLIGHTENMENT.  Portals to unimaginable places will be at your disposal.
The NWO is a very secret society. Don't expect to jump right in with two feet. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are far and few; A certain world leader has hurdled past many of men for his dedication and willfulness to change the world. Truly the force is strongly upon him and his ILLUMINATION is far more advanced than most members. In fact, most members really don't like being "tied down" with to many things like running a country. They are happy with just a few simple duties and living the "American Dream" and play their parts very well.   

Where we located? We are anywhere and everywhere including watching you right now read this. We are the NWO.

As a initiate, you will climb the ranks as quickly and as far as you choose. Where you fit in is not known until after your tested in several areas.

If you remain interested and truly want to join the NWO.  please follow the instructions below.


- All applicants must be at least 18 years old
- Applicants must be positive, motivated individuals or fuck, just the opposite,  for our more sinister operations, or as to say, having no problem "pulling the trigger" for the NWO.

- Applicants should be willing to share NWO  enlightenment with others they can trust after reaching approval. The more recruits you bring in, the higher you may become in our organization. Of course if your a loner type, on the fringe of sanity, you need not worry about sharing with others. We have special plans for you.

Once enlightened, you will have very few, if any restrictions as long as you follow simple guidelines after recruitment. Sometimes our members don't follow NWO rules and are exposed. This is not acceptable. And you really don't want to piss off the NWO. If you break the Chain & Covenant you will be "silenced" of  future activity as the balance MUST AND WILL BE RESTORED.

2. Mail your application and donations to:


​​​​DO NOT include any personal information about yourself such as:
- Social Security Number
- Credit Card Number - bank account numbers, etc.  Have you not learned anything? You would appear very reckless to the NWO and UNDESIREABLE

- Cash  

- Precious Metals: Platinum, Gold, silver ​​

-Precious Stones: Diamonds​, Rubies, etc.

++++++Be sure to conceal and package any donation properly++++++++++++++

​​"For in what manner a man gives, he shall receive back 100 fold after he has seen the light"
B.T.  Francisco

Donations are to keep our website active and continue to post enlightening information. Donations are not required but are helpful in deciding your destiny.

Please DO NOT send money orders or checks to protect your identity and financial information. The NWO will really think you  have no "common sense" to say the least.

All Letters will be reviewed and applicants found to be worthy of Enlightenment will receive a response.
What do you want out of life?
"A spare mil" for a rainy day?
To be a rock star??
How about a world renowned Actor?
Maybe a Military leader? The skies the limit once you are illuminated.
Maybe your sick of feeling like a fucking rat in a in a maze, or trapped in life?
Maybe you got butt fucked by your step dad, or​ put into a foster home,  or in general had a very shitty life thus far? Maybe your ready to start kicking some heads with your brothers in arms?
Only you know why your still reading this. Only you know why you want to join the NWO. Certainly , joining has it's perks; but you must be willing to make a sacrifice. Are you willing? We are Here, There, and Everywhere. What we Want, we Take. What we don't want, we Eliminate.
There's certainly nothing wrong with being ENLIGHTENED is there? To know what's happening in the world right now? To be on the right side when shit starts "going down" To be a hero and not a slave to old world philosophy? The time has come.
As your reading all these things and contemplating everything, know your Brothers and Sisters of the NWO are praying for you at this very instant. Praying and hoping you are worthy to be called family and we  can rejoice in knowing our prodigal son or daughter is coming home...Oh come all ye that are faithful! Joyful and Triumphant Ye shall be ..........With Understanding. With ILLUMINANCE. With ENLIGHTENMENT. With the NWO
If you are confused what the NWO really is. That's perfectly understandable. The NWO has many faces, but don't be "fooled" by false Organizations. To learn the real truth you must seek the NWO like fine Silver or Gold. Just like there are many false religions, there are those that will never know truth about the NWO because they sought a false Organization claiming ILLUMINATION. Is the film above BULLSHIT? Only the ENLIGHTENED have that knowledge. Be weary and guard yourself from false doctrine and websites on your journey. The truth will set you free. You need just knock and the NWO shall answer the door.......
YES, you will feel your state of mind and outlook on the universe change and once you are  ILLUMINATED,  applying your new-found mind set to your artistic, business, athletic or personal goals, will achieve success far faster than you ever thought possible and on a scale that you used to think was only for the rich and famous. The only difference between an ILLUMINATI Member and a member of the propagandized masses is ENLIGHTENMENT and being AWAKENED– they are helpless to free themselves of the aspects of their lives that are counter productive and simple - minded. They are in the old world trance and will die that way. You, on the other hand, will have the keys to everything you ever dreamed of and succeed. YOU have become the NWO..............
Are you on the right path?

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Actual member Johnny Xcts during orientation "learning the ropes" before training to learn how to be a " inside" stock trader. Johnny will make 100k a week in less than 6 months and fuck several virgins a week.....
ORDO AB CHAO                                33

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